Praying It: Take Yourself Lightly

I’m convinced of it. God has a sense of humor. This is one of many good reasons for taking yourself lightly when it comes to prayer. First of all, you are weak and small compared to God. You need to entrust your prayer to him and not worry too much about praying really well with your own strength. When, during prayer, I find myself horribly distracted and frustrated and tired and cranky, the best thing I can do is turn all of those weaknesses and limitations and all that over to God – it tends to bring some immediate peace.

Second, within the context of the family, life is going to get pretty silly and laughable… a lot.  Expect this to make its way into your prayers. We’ve had lots of funny moments during prayers. For example, we “thank God today for…” aloud as a family during our bedtime prayers. Some of the things that are shared are really funny. Also, if/when you have toddlers, they’re going to make you laugh at all odd times. It’s important and good to let God into every part of our lives and let our gratitude be a light thing.


St. Lawrence

St. Vitus


Psalm 2:4 – The one enthroned in heaven laughs.

(The context of this is God looking down from Heaven upon those who scheme against him. In a way it’s serious, but in a way it’s funny, in the same way that the proverbial “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” is.)


Away in a Manger (traditional)

I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light

Oh Come, Little Children (Traditional)