Appendix Q: Quotes Pages by Topic

I am a bit of a collector of quotes. I like how they give you a little something to chew on, shed light on a concept in a unique way and generally inspire and stick with you over time. By including quotes from a wide variety of sources, I hope not only to reinforce the initial idea, but also give it balance, context and broader application.

Age Quod Agis

Aim for Balance

Appreciate God’s Creation

Be Generous

Be Good in Spite of Evil

Be Not Afraid

Be Open

Be Prepared

Be Who You Are Meant to Be



Choose Love

Do No Harm

Do the Small Things

Don’t Try To Do It All

Embrace Challenges

Family, Become What You Are

Find Beauty

Follow Christ

Foster Imagination

Give it to God

Go Out to the World


Inform Your Conscience

Live What You Believe

Love Life

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Spouse

Pay Attention

Practice Cultural Discernment

Practice Patience

Propose, Don’t Presuppose

Read Stories

Recognize God’s Love for Us

Rejoice in the Good

Repent and Forgive

See Christ in Others

Seek Perspective

Serve Others


Strive for an Understanding Heart

Take Up Your Cross

Take Yourself Lightly

Talk the Talk

Trust in God

Use Your Head