Love Your Spouse

love your spouse

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Keep in mind that loving your spouse should start long before you even meet them; choices that you make, attitudes that you have about love, etc. are all part of this category.

You can also pray for your spouse (or your children’s spouses) long before you meet them.

One of the greatest things we can do to make the world a better place is to love our spouse – and yes, to choose to love them. The word love is sadly ambiguous in our culture because we use it to describe both a feeling and an action. Oftentimes we don’t get to choose the feeling, but we can always choose the action. Intact marriages have a huge impact not only on our children (there are strong correlations between intact marriages and better economics, education, mental health, and overall success in life) but on our communities and our culture.

Not everyone gets to make this choice of course. Some have been widowed. Others have been abandoned by their spouses or have been forced to separate for good reasons. Don’t get caught up in the exceptions. Choose love.

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