Digging Deeper: Practice Patience

Danielle Bean: Why God Waits

If God takes his time, he does so for our sake. Because of the unusually delicate nature of his love, he does not want to effect our happiness without us, but wants to produce it from within, to make us work at it and give it to us only after exhausting the possibilities of our waiting.

“What Married Women Wish Single Women Knew” by Therese Aaker

Sometimes those of us still in the dating phase of single life can unconsciously view marriage as the end-all-be-all goal. Just in case we need a reminder, that’s not real life.

I turned to some married lady friends for some wisdom for those of us still discerning — in particular, what they really wished single women knew.

 Without further ado, here are some wise words from wonderful women who share their experience of marriage regarding what they learned during their time of singleness…