“Pay Attention” Quotes

God speaks quietly. But he gives us all kinds of signs. In retrospect, especially, we can see that he has given us a little nudge through a friend, through a book, or through what we see as a failure – even through ‘accidents’. Life is actually full of these silent indications. If I remain alert, then slowly they piece together a consistent whole, and I begin to feel how God is guiding me. – Pope Benedict XVI, God and the World

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. – Emily Dickinson

What he asks of us is to be ready for the encounter – ready for an encounter, for a beautiful encounter, the encounter with Jesus, which means being able to see the signs of his presence, keeping our faith alive with prayer, with the sacraments, and taking care not to fall asleep so as to not forget about God. The life of slumbering Christians is a sad life; it is not a happy life. Christians must be happy, with the joy of Jesus. Let us not fall asleep! – Pope Francis, General Audience, April 24, 2013