“Do the Small Things” Quotes

Small things, done in great love, bring joy and peace. – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

What please the good God in my little soul is to see me love my littleness and my poverty, it is seeing the blind trust that I have in His Mercy. – St. Therese of Lisieux, from a letter to Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart

Indeed, the Architect of Love has built the door into heaven so low that no one but a small child can pass through it, unless, to get down to a child’s little height, he goes in on his knees. – Caryll Houselander, The Reed of God

Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily. – St. Francis de Sales, Sermon in a Sentence, Volume 2

Everybody wants to save the earth; nobody wants to help mom do the dishes. – P.J. O’Rourke as quoted in Reader’s Digest, September 2015

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Nothing is small for our good God, for he is great and we are small. – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

To know and to serve God, of course, is why we’re here, a clear truth, that, like the nose on your face, is near at hand and easily discernible but can make you dizzy if you try to focus on it hard. But a little faith will see you through. What else will do except faith in such a cynical, corrupt time? When the country goes temporarily to the dogs, cats must learn to be circumspect, walk on fences, sleep in trees, and have faith that all this woofing is not the last word.

What is the last word, then? Gentleness is everywhere in daily life, a sign that faith rules through ordinary things: through cooking and small talk, through storytelling, making love, fishing, tending animals and sweet corn and flowers, through sports, music and books, raising kids — all the places where the gravy soaks in and grace shines through. Even in a time of elephantine vanity and greed, one never has to look far to see the campfires of gentle people. – Garrison Keillor

Of all the signs of a man’s knowledge and wisdom, none is proof of greater wisdom than that he does not cling to his own opinion… For those who cling to their own judgment so as to mistrust others and trust in themselves alone invariably prove themselves fools and are judged as such. – St. Thomas Aquinas as quoted in Sermon in a Sentence, Volume 5

We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that holds back nothing for self. – St. Rose Phillipine Duchesne

By living with the mind of Christ, Christians hasten the coming of the Reign of God, ‘a kingdom of justice, love and peace.’ They do not, for all that abandon their earthly tasks; faithful to their master, they fulfill thme with uprightness, patience, and love. – The Catechism of the Catholic Church #2046

There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who will do the small things. – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

In medieval prayer or in the prayer of the great St. Ephraem the Syrian, everything boils down to having a childlike heart. And having a childlike heart means lifting your eyes up from your own problems, from your own plans, from your defects, to look at the risen Christ. – Luigi Giussani

Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found that it is the small every-day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. – Gandalf in The Hobbit

…it is really through ordinary human life and the things of every hour of every day that union with God comes about. – Caryll Houselander, The Reed of God