Digging Deeper: Be Open

Guest Essays:

Karen Edmisten: “Being There” – Is there someone in your life who doesn’t know God? What’s the best way to evangelize that friend, acquaintance, or spouse?


“Making Room” by Simcha Fisher

That’s my plan for Advent this year: making room where there is no room. I have a whole other person who needs space in our house, in our routine, in our lives. What to do? A fresh, breezy room full of spacious shelves and empty closets is not going to attach itself to our house overnight; and I will not become a flawless, holy, worthy receptacle for my savior, the Christ Child, when He comes. I can barely get through a Hail Mary without driving off the road from the sheer distraction, so what can I do to make some room?

Maybe when someone’s back hurts, I can resist the temptation to explain about the random fiery paralytic insanity spasms I’ve been feeling in my back—and just be sympathetic. Maybe when the two-and-a-half-year-old is being unreasonable about her graham crackers, I can search around for a speck of patience for her very real, very silly grief.

I can let my 13-year-old win an argument. I can say “Yes” to syrup, even though we all just had baths. I can choose not to freak out over a minor irritation at school, and I can say a prayer before answering some creepy troll in the comment box. I can say to my husband, “I’m sorry, I was being crazy. Can we start over?” I can admit that I’m too tired to make pie, and humbly submit to bringing the mashed potatoes.