Book Notes: The Holy Bible

didache bible

I am really enjoying the beautiful Didache Bible from Ignatius Press. The translation is the RSV-CE 2nd edition (also known as “The Ignatius Bible”). The large format has generous margins, the commentaries (based on The Catechism of the Catholic Church) are wonderful, as are the topical pages scattered throughout the book which explain important concepts (via the Bible, the Catechism and other Church sources) like Original Sin, Fasting and Abstinence, Purgatory, and Redemptive Suffering (there are about 100 topics covered). This Bible also has two ribbons (hurray for books with ribbons!) and lots of subtitles to more easily find what you are looking for.

You can read more about it on the Ignatius Press website (including a link to a generous array of sample pages).

great adventure catholic bible indexing tabs.jpg

I am using the Didache Bible with the Great Adventure Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs. There’s a stick-on tab (attaches to both sides of the page) for each book of the Bible, plus extra tabs for maps and such if you wish to mark those as well. They are a nice size and weight that works well even with the extreme thinness of the Bible pages. Although I haven’t used the whole Great Adventure program, these tabs are quite beautiful and are color-coded to match with the Great Adventure Timeline/Bookmark.

Helpful note from experience: It’s best to read the directions carefully for this one and be extra careful not to stick pages together!

workbook for lectors

This simple and beautifully written book is designed to help lectors be prepared to read well at Mass. What a great idea! The Sunday Mass Readings for the year are printed in a large format with accented words in bold. The left-hand column provides hints for how to present the reading in the clearest and most accessible manner (including pronunciation helps). Across the bottom of the page is a concise commentary that provides context and deeper understanding. We have been very impressed with this resource both for lectoring prep and for Bible study in general.