Who is she?

Alicia is a Catholic geek, married to John for 23 years and a homeschool mom to six children (ages 11-22).  She was the first homeschool graduate of Kolbe Academy in Napa, California, way back in the stone ages of homeschooling. She and John and their oldest daughter are graduates of Thomas Aquinas College.

Alicia is the long-time editor of Lovelearn.net: Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers. She wears many hats at various times, including homeschool group leader, music teacher in the local homeschool co-op, choir member and volunteer liturgist. She has spoken at a number of homeschool conferences around the country and especially loves speaking on our relationship with the culture. She has contributed to a number of homeschool books and magazines over the years, including: The Catholic Homeschool Companion (Sophia Institute Press) and mater et magistra magazine.

Listen to her Podcast with Deacon Jeff of the Catholic Cafe

Her Love2learn Moments were featured on Relevant Radio and in several other Catholic Radio markets

Her oft-neglected blog can be found here.