Frequently Asked Questions

How is all of this supposed to help us change the world?

We Change Ourselves to Change the World – Work on our relationship with God and others, especially by working on our attitudes and understanding the consequences of our actions and choices on bringing Christ to the world.

Recognize that we are fallen and that we are small. Frequently ask God for forgiveness and help!

Witness to Our Children (and others) – The more we align our will and our understanding with Christ the better we will be prepared to model it to our children and others.

Conversation – It is really a critical aspect of this project to spark conversations; between spouses, between parents and children, etc. about these concepts.

Who are these suggestions for?

This is written primarily for Catholic parents and by extension for Catholic families on the whole. I would expect that many of the suggestions could be shared with children in an age-appropriate way. This is not intended to be a list handed over to children to work through on their own.