Digging Deeper: Age Quod Agis


“Do What You Are Doing” an excerpt from Momnipotent by Danielle Bean

I say “give ourselves permission to do one thing at a time”
deliberately, because that is precisely what we need to do. No
matter what worthy thing we are doing, there is some voice inside
of us that nags, reminds, and calls us to concentrate on some other
worthy thing. Then, because they are all worthy things, we feel
guilty if we ignore the nagging.

If you have trouble just “doing what you are doing,” ask yourself, in
moments where you are tempted to distraction, “Does my vocation
require that I be [fill in the blank here: chopping vegetables, tying
a toddler’s sneaker, shopping for groceries, feeding a baby, driving
a carpool, talking to my teenager] right now?”